Know that we live in a time where a market has been CREATED for mediocrity.  Anyone can get on the microphone, say they are the greatest rapper of all time, spend hundreds, thousands, and even millions to get recognition from the masses.  This recognition from the masses puts them in the spotlight, with talented artists, such as Jay-z, Eminem, Redman, Method Man, Outkast, etc…Only the real can recognize the juice rappers that don’t have their heart in it..Only the real can recognize the juice rappers that are just doing it for the money.  Yes, money is important, because as REV RUN said, at the end of the day, it’s all for the money…but back in the day, when breakers used to bust back spins, windmills, crab walks, and battle in the streets, displaying exceptional acrobatic talent; they didn’t say “cut the check first”.  Back when Rappers and DJ’s were performing live in the streets of New York, they didn’t say “cut the check first”.    I think it’s fair to say, that the economy has messed up a lot…Yes, the white republicans complain about the economy, because of higher taxes on their Starbucks coffee with diamonds sprinkled in it, and everyone else complains about taxes in general.  Most importantly..employment.  If one has no job, they have no money, therefore a hustle must be created.  Some go the illegal route just to LIVE, and some go the legitimate route just to LIVE.  Being unemployed, gives one time to ponder on the life of not having to get up early to work all day.  Not coming home tired, to eat, sleep and repeat the same cycle for five days, and for some seven days.  This process of working to live, is actually working to die, because we want the 9 to 5 to go by fast, and we want to get to Friday as quickly as possible (unless you are doing what you love), so many resort to vices to get through the long work week.  In some cases, these vices can cause one to expire faster, i.e. Drugs, Alcohol, or just simply eating unhealthy and watching trashy tv…i.e. Jersey Shore, hahah.  Point being, most of the wealthiest do not wake up early to work 9 to 5, for they sleep late and have others working for them.  They sleep late and still have income coming in.  This is what draws people to be musical artist, Actors, Rappers, etc…”RESIDUAL INCOME”.   If you can get a movie/tv spot, or create an amazing song that can get radio play, a spot in a movie, or a tv show theme, then you will be set for a long time.  Just imagine waking up at 1pm to go to your mailbox..pick up a check every week for $1,000 dollars..go to the bank…cash it, and then come home to eat a grilled cheese sandwich and watch Netflix?  This happens, but this is the more professional and elite way of making money in the industry.  The other method is making yourself a product/brand that must be paid for…i.e. Rap verse features, shows, appearances, etc…  Charging the next man doing the same as you, in order to make ends meet…essentially, you want the publics money, not the artists money, but I could be wrong…this is just my opinion.  

  Anyway, The DRODIAN NATION VOLUME 2: EVICTION MIXTAPE has dropped today.  I’m featured on quite a few of the songs, it’s an awesome project. Different from the rest, and sadly someone on Facebook said, if you do something original, it won’t be original for long, because others will want to be “your” original, and then you will get no credit for being the OG…So we just do what we do, and continue to do it well.  This mixtape has no DJ, for if you want a DJ to host your mixtape, you better be close friends, or you better offer them money quickly before they can say “EFF YOU PAY ME”.  You can download the mixtape at WWW.DRODIANS.COM/MUSIC.  If you’re reading this blog from WWW.KILLAHRONH.COM then go to the DRODIAN WEBSITE, peep out the blog again, and listen to an exclusive track by me, produced by The BeatJunkies “J-ROCC” It’s called “JUICE”.  Enjoy..oh! and if you are reading this from the WWW.DRODIANS.COM, then go to WWW.KILLAHRONH.COM and peep out our DRODIAN PODCAST; comedy, good music, and shameless FREE promotion…it’s us against the industry, not us against us…

– Brosco aka KILLAHRONH