The show was to start at 9:00AM and my set was to begin at 10:30PM.  It is typical of Los Angeles shows to never start on time.  Upon entering THE TERRACE (443 E. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena) early, we already knew Hip Hop was in the air.  The iconic movie “JUICE” was playing on the TV screens; specifically the scene where “Steel” Jermaine “Huggy” Hopkins is pouring Old English 800 into his scrambled eggs.  Being the only ones in the club at the time, we got free seating, and enjoyed the music from the DJ (Q.ROCK639).  The birthday man of the hour, BLAX ONE ILL showed up, instantly brightening the room with his aura of positivity.  Soon after, small crowds followed.  The lady and I had a drink.  She had a Whiskey on the rocks, $7.00 dollars, I had a bottle of imported beer, paying the same amount…$7.00 dollars.  Spent $17.00 including tip, for two drinks.  Not a ridiculous concern, because the show was FREE to get in…but typically hard liquor cost more than a beer, but like I said, it was a free show, so less of a concern.                                               It was already 10:00PM, but all of the artist had not showed up yet.  Justin Miller made his presence know, by floating into the building with his natural laid back attitude.  Soon the building began to fill up, and I started to broadcast it to the world using the HANG W/ application, which is for Androids and iPhones/iPads if you search for “therealKILLAHRONH” you will see the footage for the whole night.  Sadly, the Android version only allows you to record 3 minutes at a time, where the iPhone version allows up to 9 minutes.  That being said, Yung Einstein opened the stage the remaining artists had not stepped into the building yet, so Blax asked if I wanted to open the set.  I would have preferred to start when the crowd was warmed up, but I said what the heck, i’ll warm the crowd up.  Prior to my going on stage, various artists, including Justin Miller, Blax One ILL, SP, and a vicious spitter who went by the name of Twoo Nasty (spelling?), killed the stage with a cypher sound check session.  The first artist to start the show off was Yung Einstein; his affiliation is with Rough City.  If you watch my video “KILLAHRONH – BLIND SNIPER”, you will see him standing behind SP (Space Pimpin) at the 1:53 mark.  There were technical difficulties with his instrumental CD, so the DJ just put on some instrumentals and let him go improv.  He has a very articulate/intellectual rap style.  He reminded me of THE SAURUS & ILLMACULATE.  The next artist did not show yet, so I was asked to go next. “Coming to the stage, we got a man who was there from day one at the Vortex.  He is on his game with the Shameless Promotion, and has a phrase called No Pineapple Juice, which means no spittin’ wack ****!.  Make some noise ya’ll, for KILLAHRONH!”  From the jump, I shamelessly plugged the Drodians, the artists in the house, EHWHENKEEMDIE 4 RADIO, SHUT EM DOWN RADIO, and myself of course.  I was only to perform 3 songs, but EHWHENKEEM was double booked, so I had to stretch out the set.  The crowd  is all about the high energy music, not so much about the “stop and listen to the dope beats and clever philanthropy word play that’s being used“.  They felt my new song S.O.S, on a level of surprise to myself.  Dr. Dre said “The people will probably like the ones, that you don’t think they would, and will not feel the ones that you think are dope, so you’ll never know“.  One thing to mention is that crowds lose their attention, after 3 songs.  I noticed this with every artist that went on stage.  Followed by me was Justin Miller, he is about using his natural government as his stage name.  It works very well, because one,  it’s a really catchy name by default, and secondly it has music history in it, for his father is Byron Miller, #DoTheKnowlege (trademarked by Die4Radio C.E.O. Diar Lansky).  Justin blessed the stage with the joints that you can hear on the Drodian Podcast Episode #4, where he was the featured artist.  I don’t know about you, but I like to go to a show and hear the songs performed the way they are on the recording, that is just me tho.  Justin Miller achieved this.  If you were to close your eyes during the performance, you would think that you were listening to the CD/MP3/WAV.  Job well done, I look forward to hearing more, and a collaboration is in the works with Justin Miller and KILLAHRONH.  The next artist to bless the stage was ERIC VINTAGE, him and his entourage (DUSTY CRATES) did their thing, representing the city of Hacienda Heights/Los Angeles.  Another artist got on stage at the last-minute, but I couldn’t catch his name, if you watch the HANG W/ broadcast, he and his crew get on the camera, but it’s too hard to make out what they are saying. Finally the performance of the night went down…ROUGH CITY.  Rough City consist of BLAX ONE ILL, SP (SPACEPIMPIN), ILL SPEAK, AND MIKEY LO.  They won the Battle for Los Angeles, which landed them the opportunity to perform the KDAY KRUSH GROOVE, April 19th, 2014.  The crew rocked the stage, controlled the mic, and moved the crowd; everything MC’s are supposed to do.  As I said, crowds tend to get restless after 3 songs, unless your name is Jay-Z, Kanye West, or a stadium sell out artist.  From sitting in the back and getting footage, the crowd was thick, in the beginning of their set, but towards the end, it began to thin out, thus allowing me to walk to the front freely.  Rough City puts on an amazing show, hands down…I’v paid to watch them, I’v had them on the podcast, Iv collaborated with them with music, and they funks with me…In my opinion, they are the heart of the Pasadena music scene…If you consider yourself an artists representing the Pasadena music scene, and were not at this “FREE” show, in Pasadena, supporting this Pasadena crew, that has actually made a big move by making it to KDAY Krush Groove to be heard on a huge level…which ultimately is the sole reason we do this music..to be heard, then I find it hard to consider you a part of the Pasadena music scene.  Unless there were seriously more important task at hand, then I don’t see a reason why the claimed “Pasadena Scene” artists were not in the house.  They have a show coming up April 11th, 2014.  Featuring WILDCARD and ROUGH CITY.  Tickets are $10 pre-sale $12 at the door, not too bad, considering Rough City shows run at a minimum of $20, and worth every penny if you have never seen them perform before.  Sadly, they did not perform “Rhetorical Question”, which is by far their most epic song, and a repeater.  By end of the night, and after all of the performances were done, the Terrace turned into a big lounge party for Blax One iLL’s birthday, with Q.ROCK spinning energetic dance music, which resulted in twerkin, booty shakin’, and bouncin’ (lol).  All around, a great night for Hip Hop, and a great night for all of the artists that hit the stage.  Once again, Happy birthday Blax, l look forward to seeing you guys become a world wide name, due to your art, realness, generosity, and #NOBS #RCMK #KILLAHRONH #DRODIANPODCAST #DRODIANS #DIE4RADIO #SHUTEMDOWNRADIO






last minute artist










Make yourself/abilities/brand in demand.  Make it so that people will realize they took you for granted when you leave. “People don’t know what they have until it’s gone”.   As BNICE from “SHUT EM DOWN RADIO” on Thursdays says “Take advantage of this s*** while it’s free”. There is a reason that people go to the mall and don’t buy EVERYTHING…it’s because there is some stuff that is not what people want…Until the whole world is wanting it..then they all want it, because this generation has been taught to copy off of everyone else’s paper in school..not much thinking for themselves.


A feature should easily allow you to make that money back…or it should give you the equivalent feeling of purchasing a record by that artist..i.e. if Jay-Z charges $1,000 a verse, THAT is a fair price, for the typical GRINDING ARTIST, because you can make a single and recoup that money, as well as make sure it’s a bangin’ single that you can listen to over and over, and feel that you got your moneys worth…if MC NotThatAwesome charges $1,000, what does that give you?? not a guarantee of recognition, or two sided promotion, because their people might not dig what you do, and people do anything for money..so it can be FALSE ART. At the end of the day most are NOT going to help promote the song they were paid to feature on…they are basically selling you an expensive hammer, and leaving you to do the work, because time is rough these days, everyone has their own thing going, and they want you to jump on their ship to help them.  Reciprocation is a missing page in rap, money makes it appear tho…correction..big money makes it appear.  One must truly take into consideration when people say they don’t have time…
this is how time can be spent, regardless of what fools say they are doing, because only results can show you what a person is doing, or not.
“No Time” can mean the following:
Jerkin off
Playing video games
Watching movies
Watching cable TV
Spending time with a significant other
Secret activities with women/men/or shims, who knows?
Recording their own stuff
Mixing (takes the most time)
Making beats
Working (9-5) Drains the unmotivated individual
Spending time with family
Hosting a radio show
Going to school
Supporting others
Low key attending to health issues
Other drugs done that they don’t want anyone to know about
Partying with friends
Most importantly..LIFE.
Look at the above, and see where writing and recording a verse/hook for for the not so big rapper comes into play…Playing Devils Advocate, but if the requested artist doesn’t have the luxury like “THE DRODIANS” to record at any moment in their own studio, or simply  for the enjoyment of the combined sounds. If they have to book studio time, write, master, and then drive to a recording studio to record, then they are sacrificing one of the above in the list.  It’s true that rapping…sorry “GOOD” Rapping is an art…and fools are trying to turn songs into Picasso’s, but truth, and honesty…you can only get a Picasso from someone like  Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem, KRS ONE, Rakim, The Whole WU-TANG, Redman, Xzibit, DJ Quik, Kurupt, and I only say LiL Wayne because he has built himself so big that people will give his stuff a listen just because..Plus he wrote “A Milli”.  Ultimately, Rappers want the big bucks that the big EXECUTIVES dish to many, in order to sell out…you won’t get those big bucks from a dude grinding JUST LIKE YOU…it’s kind of like going to the poorest sectors of Los Angeles, marketing and opening up cash only Ferrari Dealerships, and expecting  the  people to afford it…but know that the white people in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and Beverly Hills can easily afford that (if you go on Netflix and search for a show called Laguna Beach, you will know what I’m talking about).  Hence the reason, if you go to Compton, Watts, or rougher sides of Long Beach and Hawthorne, Ca.  you will see a lot of affordable means..i.e. Tommy Burgers, fast food, Many Liquor Stores, Dollar Markets, cheap housing, and basically things that are fairly feasible for people to purchase.  If there is a Barneys-like Clothing Store in the poor sectors, who’s gonna buy it? Not many, because it’s meant for those that can afford it, and wanted by those that can’t.  Ultimately, the Rappers are trying to get the money of the Rich and Upper Class investors, and individuals running the record labels.  If you’re not balling enough to drop $3,000 to have one of the dudes in The Neptunes, other than Pharrell feature on your stuff…you’re best to just work with your own people, and “supposedly” those looking to collaborate for the love of it all.  In my opinion, rap has created it’s own economic hierarchy levels..
“TOP SHELF UNTOUCHABLE ARTISTS” ($5000-infinite) for a verse
(Jay-Z,Eminem,Kanye West,Rihanna,Diddy,LiLWayne,Justin Bieber,50 Cent(Not IRIE2012), Beyonce, Dr. Dre, NAS, KRS-ONE, OUTKAST, Pharrell, etc..)
“HIGHLY SUCCESSFULLY KNOWN ARTISTS” ($3000-$5000) for a verse
(Game,Drake,Nicki Minaj,Kendrick Lamar, Kurupt, DJ Quik, 2 Chain, T.I., Q-Tip, Xzibit, The Liks, Wu-Tang, Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa,DMX, etc…
“IN THE GAME ARTISTS” ($500-$3000) for a verse
(Spice 1, Ras Kass, E-40, Canibus, Jadakiss, Young Jeezy, Mac Miller,Asap Rocky, Nipsey Hussle, Macklemore, J-Cole,Problem, Pete Rock,Mike Jones,D-12,G-Unit,The Roc Artists, Eric Sermon. Dumbfoundead
“GRINDING ARTIST” ($0-$100) for a verse
Drodians/KILLAHRONH, Rough City, MisterCR, Tree Post Collective Artists, Crooked Apples Artists, Dirty Salow, Bnice, Lovey Elise, Phil Phree, Bing Bing, Imani Akil, EhWhenKeem, etc…Everyone that is doing shows, consistently making music, and STEADY MAKIN’ MOVES to build up themselves, and their brand.
nuff said
It’s safe to say, that one can only network with another in a tier immediately one step above them.  I.e., a NOBODY can network with a GRINDING ARTIST, a GRINDING ARTIST can network with an ARTIST IN THE GAME, an ARTIST IN THE GAME, can network with a HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL ARTIST, and a HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL ARTIST, can network with a TOP SHELF RAPPER.  The two factors that allow this are MONEY..and WHO YOU KNOW…
  If a feature was the same amount as buying a CD, there would be awesome music out now..and there would be less saturation, because the best would shine, and the best would be seen on more projects.  If I had my way and features were way cheap, My GUMBO mixtape would be of the most elite because of the artist I would get…and most of the artists would not be names that you see on the charts, and the music would be sick..
In conclusion, this is all my opinion.  Features are something that can help an artist move up and better there brand..looking at the tiers, EVERY rapper was a Nobody at some point…the ones that worked hard, moved up to each tier, and the ones that had money bumped up fast.  I look at features like a Floyd Mayweather fight.  Whoever fights in the ring with Mayweather, it’s getting paid big time, and get’s to showcase his talent against the best, to the whole world, thus creating a raised brow from those that see the ability, which in turns creates better opportunities.


 Know that we live in a time where a market has been CREATED for mediocrity.  Anyone can get on the microphone, say they are the greatest rapper of all time, spend hundreds, thousands, and even millions to get recognition from the masses.  This recognition from the masses puts them in the spotlight, with talented artists, such as Jay-z, Eminem, Redman, Method Man, Outkast, etc…Only the real can recognize the juice rappers that don’t have their heart in it..Only the real can recognize the juice rappers that are just doing it for the money.  Yes, money is important, because as REV RUN said, at the end of the day, it’s all for the money…but back in the day, when breakers used to bust back spins, windmills, crab walks, and battle in the streets, displaying exceptional acrobatic talent; they didn’t say “cut the check first”.  Back when Rappers and DJ’s were performing live in the streets of New York, they didn’t say “cut the check first”.    I think it’s fair to say, that the economy has messed up a lot…Yes, the white republicans complain about the economy, because of higher taxes on their Starbucks coffee with diamonds sprinkled in it, and everyone else complains about taxes in general.  Most importantly..employment.  If one has no job, they have no money, therefore a hustle must be created.  Some go the illegal route just to LIVE, and some go the legitimate route just to LIVE.  Being unemployed, gives one time to ponder on the life of not having to get up early to work all day.  Not coming home tired, to eat, sleep and repeat the same cycle for five days, and for some seven days.  This process of working to live, is actually working to die, because we want the 9 to 5 to go by fast, and we want to get to Friday as quickly as possible (unless you are doing what you love), so many resort to vices to get through the long work week.  In some cases, these vices can cause one to expire faster, i.e. Drugs, Alcohol, or just simply eating unhealthy and watching trashy tv…i.e. Jersey Shore, hahah.  Point being, most of the wealthiest do not wake up early to work 9 to 5, for they sleep late and have others working for them.  They sleep late and still have income coming in.  This is what draws people to be musical artist, Actors, Rappers, etc…”RESIDUAL INCOME”.   If you can get a movie/tv spot, or create an amazing song that can get radio play, a spot in a movie, or a tv show theme, then you will be set for a long time.  Just imagine waking up at 1pm to go to your mailbox..pick up a check every week for $1,000 dollars..go to the bank…cash it, and then come home to eat a grilled cheese sandwich and watch Netflix?  This happens, but this is the more professional and elite way of making money in the industry.  The other method is making yourself a product/brand that must be paid for…i.e. Rap verse features, shows, appearances, etc…  Charging the next man doing the same as you, in order to make ends meet…essentially, you want the publics money, not the artists money, but I could be wrong…this is just my opinion.  

  Anyway, The DRODIAN NATION VOLUME 2: EVICTION MIXTAPE has dropped today.  I’m featured on quite a few of the songs, it’s an awesome project. Different from the rest, and sadly someone on Facebook said, if you do something original, it won’t be original for long, because others will want to be “your” original, and then you will get no credit for being the OG…So we just do what we do, and continue to do it well.  This mixtape has no DJ, for if you want a DJ to host your mixtape, you better be close friends, or you better offer them money quickly before they can say “EFF YOU PAY ME”.  You can download the mixtape at WWW.DRODIANS.COM/MUSIC.  If you’re reading this blog from WWW.KILLAHRONH.COM then go to the DRODIAN WEBSITE, peep out the blog again, and listen to an exclusive track by me, produced by The BeatJunkies “J-ROCC” It’s called “JUICE”.  Enjoy..oh! and if you are reading this from the WWW.DRODIANS.COM, then go to WWW.KILLAHRONH.COM and peep out our DRODIAN PODCAST; comedy, good music, and shameless FREE promotion…it’s us against the industry, not us against us…

– Brosco aka KILLAHRONH