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I’m back in the 7-5 job life again, so time is my biggest enemy these days, but I promise to keep this thing going…”The day you stop trying, is the day you start dyin” – Tweed Cadillac.  Beat boxing is definitely an expression of Hip Hop, and I bring to you, a man that expresses it well.  BEAT RHINO, hailing from the city of Irvine, and was real enough to get down with this podcast I’m doing, and adds himself to the list of artistic sponsors for the Drodian Podcast.  Awesome interview, as usual, Die 4 Radio clip with the legendary Sir Jinx, my new studio setup, SHAMELESS PROMOTION, as usual, excellent music, and “Steady Makin Moves”




6:04am, I wake up to the feeling of incompleteness.  This was due to me finishing an awesome podcast feature with BEAT RHINO, but not finalizing it for upload to the people.  After 3 hours of mixing, adding flair, adjusting levels, and making it presentable, it was 9:30am.  I was invited to document, and make a small cameo in ROUGH CITY’S new music video.  The director MICHAEL LEGATO wanted to meet me, and Rough City is damn year fam to me in this music industry, to where if I am physically able help, I will..it’s nothing to me.  The shoot was not to start until 1:00pm, so if you know me, I had a good 3 hours, at most, to watch some NARUTO…Hard work, dedication, and imagination.  The video shoot was in the city of Highland Park/Pasadena vicinity.  As stated in the previous blog titled “A Good Night for Hip Hop”, I guess it’s fair to say that video shoots don’t start on time either.  All jokes aside, me and the lady were the first ones on location.  With a dying phone battery, and not sure what was going on, I made a call to BLAX ONE ILL, to make sure we were at the right location.  A woman with pink hair walks out and makes a call.  We ear hustle, and hear her mention that “We are still waiting on people”.  Immediately after that, the man that stomps the ground heavy, making his presence known everywhere, approaches to confirm that we are in the right place.  ROUGH CITY’S SP greets, and instructs us to go to his place, and make ourselves at home.  Hospitality is golden, even in the hood/barrio.  Upon entering the humble abode, the smell of good times, and good past parties filled the air of the Rough City apartment.  Due to expecting the shoot to have started already, the lady and I skipped breakfast and came straight to the shoot.  Since we were the only ones there, we decide to leave and get food.  As we walked out, we are approached by a light skinned, buff, intimidating looking dude, with a Kimbo Slice type of beard.  If you actually know him, you will realize he’s a genuine, and humble human being.  He is Rough City’s ridiculously above par bar spitter, “ILL SPEAK“.  I was greeted by a few individuals, who happened to know the name KILLAHRONH, but never knew the face.  The director was included as well.  We will get to him soon, but food was the only thing on our minds at this time.

We wondered off, and ended up finding a spot called FUSION BURGERS.  The food was a tad bit salty, yet quite satisfying.  We sampled turkey burgers, and the cheese fries were served with one piece of cheese on top of the french fries, barely melted.  Not to get off topic, but the idea of cheese fries is to have melted cheese on the french fries, like nachos, but most places just toss a piece of cheese on top, and expect the heat to melt it to a sauce state; sorry that won’t achieve it.  Fusion Burgers did the same as most, but all in all, a place you would see on DINERS DRIVE-INS AND DIVES.

Upon returning to the video shoot, we see the director Michael Legato, and his film crew hard at work.  This was no ordinary music video.  I do my own music videos, using a simple 720p HD camera.  The device used for the shoot was an extremely high end digital motion picture movie camera.  The professionalism was above and beyond.  Like I said, I was only supposed to be a quick cameo, but I became labeled the “Money Man” for the video, due to my tattoos and was used for the majority of the shoot.  I have not heard the song yet, I’m assuming it’s metaphorical, telling the story of someone they once knew, or making a point about gang life, but one thing I do know, is that Rough City never disappoints with the music. I came dressed in my live show outfit, KILLAHRONH shirt with a KILLAHRONH hat, but for the part, I had to swap it all for an extra long white tee, and LOC-SHADES.  What people don’t know about music videos, is that it takes a loooong time..and it takes a lot of patience.  Professionalism, and film crew experience is a big factor as far as how smooth, and quickly a shoot can go; this can easily apply to a movie as well.  Everyone in the video had a role to play, and they played it well, at least from what I was able to see.  The junkies were made-up very well, (Paul, beanie junky, etc…), and the thugs, including myself meshed with the video nicely.  Just for the record, I KILLAHRONH, am no thug in any form or fashion, so please don’t get it twisted.  This was all support to help turn a group of real artists’ vision, that I respect, into a visual reality.                           As it drew closer to sun down, we continued to shoot scenes over and over, until they were right.  Specifically, the “Dice Game Scene”.  This consisted of Blax One ILL, SP, and Mikey Lo, shooting craps in an alley.  When you watch the video, pay close attention to the “crouching wall thugs”.  Much effort was put in by these gentlemen.  Crouching for a good hour, scene after scene takes a toll on the legs, #RESPECT.  ROUGH CITY has a dynamic that must be seen in order to understand.  There was a moment where SP and ILL SPEAK were going back and forth, comparing each others level of dopeness as MC’s, all while trying to explain how the other is better.  Mind you, this was done with thought provoking  intelligence, and comedy.  Hopefully, when they come on the Drodian Podcast *Remixed* again, you will get to witness it first hand.  With the 10 hours that I spent participating, I got a small glimpse into what is frequently done on a much bigger level.  They shut the alley down to make room for the wide video camera track slider, props, and cast.  Apartment tenants were not able to drive through.  On a bigger scale, when there are movies filmed in public, they shut down entire streets!  Coming from the city of Downey, I had to get back to my stomping grounds to avoid sleeping on the road, but I’m sure the shoot went on for another 2 – 3 hours after I left.  Seeing the hard work that went into this shoot, made me see, first hand, the hard work and dedication that this group puts into their music.  They take it serious, and not many rappers/emcees/artists do this.  Most expect it all to just happen for them.  Most think that they can be like Beyonce, and just put the art out there, and expect the world to do the rest for you…NO! it does not work like that.  Hard work is key, but working smarter is the master key.  Dedication is required, if you listen to DIE4RADIO on any night, where they have a guest interview, they all will say the same thing.  It’s not overnight, and the only way it can be done even remotely close to overnight, is if you have a lot of money to move gears faster than your good word.  Promotion is another topic, which I might touch on, on a later Drodian Podcast *Remixed* episode. Anyhow, Peace to everyone that was involved with this amazing production.  Junkies, the make-up artist that brought them to life, or should I say, made them look closer to dead.  The Thugs, Crouching Thugs (I see you!), KELO, his peoples, the entourage, the film crew, (the dedication is ridiculously high, I only see good things coming your way).  ROUGH CITY: Blax One ILL, who was running around all day, making things happen, and was on point, a true professional.  SpacePimpin (SP), Professional, talented, and hilarious.  He  Unleashed the afro and the women stopped their cars in front of the video shoot to give their phone numbers to him, true story…true pimpin’.  Mikey Lo aka DANGO BEATS, the silent ninja, and ILL Speak.  ILL Speak wasn’t filmed much, so he simply oversaw everything, and every time I saw him, he was eating sugar all day to maintain energy.  I would say be easy on the sugar bossman, Diabetes is no joke according to Phife Dawg from A TRIBE CALLED QUEST, and quite a few of my family relatives.  Lastly, peace to the director Michael Legato, his level of professionalism is off the charts.  The hard work, dedication, and imagination flows thru him like medi-chlorians.  Be on the look out for this ROUGH CITY music video, and their upcoming shows.  April 11th, with WILDCARD, at the TERRACE in Pasadena.  Be sure to lookout for the next Drodian Podcast very soon.  It should be episode #6, featuring BEAT RHINO.  If you are fan of real HIP HOP, be sure to check out DIE4RADIO, hosted by DIAR LANSKY, MADDPHOUR, and SNEEK ROTHSTEIN on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays (646-200-4945)  Check out WWW.SHUTEMDOWNRADIO.COM, 7 days a week (347-850-1177).  Lastly, check out the Drodians music at WWW.DRODIANS.COM, and since you are already here, check out/download some of the past DRODIAN PODCAST.







The show was to start at 9:00AM and my set was to begin at 10:30PM.  It is typical of Los Angeles shows to never start on time.  Upon entering THE TERRACE (443 E. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena) early, we already knew Hip Hop was in the air.  The iconic movie “JUICE” was playing on the TV screens; specifically the scene where “Steel” Jermaine “Huggy” Hopkins is pouring Old English 800 into his scrambled eggs.  Being the only ones in the club at the time, we got free seating, and enjoyed the music from the DJ (Q.ROCK639).  The birthday man of the hour, BLAX ONE ILL showed up, instantly brightening the room with his aura of positivity.  Soon after, small crowds followed.  The lady and I had a drink.  She had a Whiskey on the rocks, $7.00 dollars, I had a bottle of imported beer, paying the same amount…$7.00 dollars.  Spent $17.00 including tip, for two drinks.  Not a ridiculous concern, because the show was FREE to get in…but typically hard liquor cost more than a beer, but like I said, it was a free show, so less of a concern.                                               It was already 10:00PM, but all of the artist had not showed up yet.  Justin Miller made his presence know, by floating into the building with his natural laid back attitude.  Soon the building began to fill up, and I started to broadcast it to the world using the HANG W/ application, which is for Androids and iPhones/iPads if you search for “therealKILLAHRONH” you will see the footage for the whole night.  Sadly, the Android version only allows you to record 3 minutes at a time, where the iPhone version allows up to 9 minutes.  That being said, Yung Einstein opened the stage the remaining artists had not stepped into the building yet, so Blax asked if I wanted to open the set.  I would have preferred to start when the crowd was warmed up, but I said what the heck, i’ll warm the crowd up.  Prior to my going on stage, various artists, including Justin Miller, Blax One ILL, SP, and a vicious spitter who went by the name of Twoo Nasty (spelling?), killed the stage with a cypher sound check session.  The first artist to start the show off was Yung Einstein; his affiliation is with Rough City.  If you watch my video “KILLAHRONH – BLIND SNIPER”, you will see him standing behind SP (Space Pimpin) at the 1:53 mark.  There were technical difficulties with his instrumental CD, so the DJ just put on some instrumentals and let him go improv.  He has a very articulate/intellectual rap style.  He reminded me of THE SAURUS & ILLMACULATE.  The next artist did not show yet, so I was asked to go next. “Coming to the stage, we got a man who was there from day one at the Vortex.  He is on his game with the Shameless Promotion, and has a phrase called No Pineapple Juice, which means no spittin’ wack ****!.  Make some noise ya’ll, for KILLAHRONH!”  From the jump, I shamelessly plugged the Drodians, the artists in the house, EHWHENKEEMDIE 4 RADIO, SHUT EM DOWN RADIO, and myself of course.  I was only to perform 3 songs, but EHWHENKEEM was double booked, so I had to stretch out the set.  The crowd  is all about the high energy music, not so much about the “stop and listen to the dope beats and clever philanthropy word play that’s being used“.  They felt my new song S.O.S, on a level of surprise to myself.  Dr. Dre said “The people will probably like the ones, that you don’t think they would, and will not feel the ones that you think are dope, so you’ll never know“.  One thing to mention is that crowds lose their attention, after 3 songs.  I noticed this with every artist that went on stage.  Followed by me was Justin Miller, he is about using his natural government as his stage name.  It works very well, because one,  it’s a really catchy name by default, and secondly it has music history in it, for his father is Byron Miller, #DoTheKnowlege (trademarked by Die4Radio C.E.O. Diar Lansky).  Justin blessed the stage with the joints that you can hear on the Drodian Podcast Episode #4, where he was the featured artist.  I don’t know about you, but I like to go to a show and hear the songs performed the way they are on the recording, that is just me tho.  Justin Miller achieved this.  If you were to close your eyes during the performance, you would think that you were listening to the CD/MP3/WAV.  Job well done, I look forward to hearing more, and a collaboration is in the works with Justin Miller and KILLAHRONH.  The next artist to bless the stage was ERIC VINTAGE, him and his entourage (DUSTY CRATES) did their thing, representing the city of Hacienda Heights/Los Angeles.  Another artist got on stage at the last-minute, but I couldn’t catch his name, if you watch the HANG W/ broadcast, he and his crew get on the camera, but it’s too hard to make out what they are saying. Finally the performance of the night went down…ROUGH CITY.  Rough City consist of BLAX ONE ILL, SP (SPACEPIMPIN), ILL SPEAK, AND MIKEY LO.  They won the Battle for Los Angeles, which landed them the opportunity to perform the KDAY KRUSH GROOVE, April 19th, 2014.  The crew rocked the stage, controlled the mic, and moved the crowd; everything MC’s are supposed to do.  As I said, crowds tend to get restless after 3 songs, unless your name is Jay-Z, Kanye West, or a stadium sell out artist.  From sitting in the back and getting footage, the crowd was thick, in the beginning of their set, but towards the end, it began to thin out, thus allowing me to walk to the front freely.  Rough City puts on an amazing show, hands down…I’v paid to watch them, I’v had them on the podcast, Iv collaborated with them with music, and they funks with me…In my opinion, they are the heart of the Pasadena music scene…If you consider yourself an artists representing the Pasadena music scene, and were not at this “FREE” show, in Pasadena, supporting this Pasadena crew, that has actually made a big move by making it to KDAY Krush Groove to be heard on a huge level…which ultimately is the sole reason we do this music..to be heard, then I find it hard to consider you a part of the Pasadena music scene.  Unless there were seriously more important task at hand, then I don’t see a reason why the claimed “Pasadena Scene” artists were not in the house.  They have a show coming up April 11th, 2014.  Featuring WILDCARD and ROUGH CITY.  Tickets are $10 pre-sale $12 at the door, not too bad, considering Rough City shows run at a minimum of $20, and worth every penny if you have never seen them perform before.  Sadly, they did not perform “Rhetorical Question”, which is by far their most epic song, and a repeater.  By end of the night, and after all of the performances were done, the Terrace turned into a big lounge party for Blax One iLL’s birthday, with Q.ROCK spinning energetic dance music, which resulted in twerkin, booty shakin’, and bouncin’ (lol).  All around, a great night for Hip Hop, and a great night for all of the artists that hit the stage.  Once again, Happy birthday Blax, l look forward to seeing you guys become a world wide name, due to your art, realness, generosity, and #NOBS #RCMK #KILLAHRONH #DRODIANPODCAST #DRODIANS #DIE4RADIO #SHUTEMDOWNRADIO






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