grand theft

This show was recorded on September 22nd, 2013..I didn’t want to do anything for my birthday, except perform live, or do a podcast…since venues were bullshittin with the booking, I decided to do a podcast.

our shows are for the people that drive long distances, work a 9-5 that allows them to listen to podcasts, (thus making your day go by faster), podcast listeners, Drodian fans, Artist looking to get promoted, or just people that have a lot of downtime to spend.  If you are not a fan, a supporter, or have at least 30 minutes to spare…don’t dabble with the Drodian Podcast, because it just means that you have no time for us, and you are busy making/doing something big for yourself…or claiming to be..Or you’re playing Grand Theft Auto 5 =).

We discuss a lot of stuff, so if you’re interested, listen else, keep it movin, because we drop jewels for the real, not the fake. peace!


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